1. Visa sponsorship is only available for students who have received an offer and who have enrolled on a programme with the College.
  2. Procedures for sponsorship cannot commence until the student has accepted an offer of a place and paid all relevant fees.
  3. A student’s visa is normally valid for a period of 12 months. Students on undergraduate programmes will be required to renew their visas every year of the programme.
  4. Due to restrictions relating to international student visa sponsorship, students on College sponsored visas would not be able to sponsor a residence visa for their family members.


  • Students must apply in sufficient time (usually 4 to 6 weeks in advance) of the commencement of the programme.
  • Student visa applications from some countries may have to undergo additional security checks or may be required to submit additional documentation by the UAE government authorities. This is outside the control of the College and may cause further delay to the processing time. If, for whatever reason, the visa is not available before the enrolment deadline then the student would not be allowed to pursue the programme for that particular intake. The College cannot be held liable for any such circumstances. In such cases, the existing visa would be cancelled. The student may choose to re- apply for a new student visa and start in the next available intake.
  • Applicants are requested to ensure that they have medical/travel insurance in the UAE till their student visa has been endorsed in their passport. After this step students will be covered by the student insurance scheme.
  • All students applying for a student visa must send their flight arrival details at least 7 days before their date of arrival.
  • All students applying for a College sponsored visa must undergo a UAE medical check. In the event of a student failing the medical test, the visa may not be processed further, and the student may be required to leave the country and not be enrolled on the programme of study. The College cannot be held liable for any such circumstances.
  • Visa fees are beyond the control of the College and are subject to change. In case of an increase by the government authorities, the student will be liable to pay the additional visa charge(s).
  • The student will need to meet any charges incurred for transferring the money in addition to the fee itself. The student must also send a copy of the funds ‘telegraphic transfer issuing’ advice, along with the visa application form, to help identify the payment. Please check with the bank when transferring the funds for details.
  • Students are advised NOT to send their original passport, by post, to the College. The College will not accept any responsibility for arranging the return of documents.
  • Any fines, penalties, additional charges incurred as a result of an error, delay, late submission, loss of documents etc. by the student, will be borne by the student.
  • All visa fees are non-refundable. Students whose visa application is rejected by Immigration will have their visa deposit refunded, less any visa processing charges already levied.
  • Students will be responsible for all costs relating to processing a new/renewal visa if they wish to continue at PLCRAK campus.
  • In case of deferral, suspension or withdrawal of a student who is on the College sponsored visa, the student visa is required to be cancelled. A new student visa would have to be applied if the student wishes to re-join. The student would be liable to pay all visa related fees in such cases.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that a minimum of three (3) blank pages are available in their passport before submitting it for a student visa.
  • The applicant must have a passport valid for a minimum of 180 days when applying for a student visa

Renewal of Visa

  • It is the responsibility of the student to submit all documents/payments for visa renewal at least 30 working days before the date of expiry of the visa

Cancellation of Visa

  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the student visa is cancelled before leaving the country, after finishing the programme, or in case of deferral, suspension or withdrawal.
  • In case a student does not cancel his/her student visa, he/she may be required to pay additional visa cancellation costs. Furthermore, the College may report such students to the Immigration authorities as absconders and the visa deposit amount paid by the student will be utilised to process the absconding request, wherein the student will not be able to enter the country on any visa in the future.
  • Upon leaving the country and after visa cancellation, students must send their original visa cancellation paper with exit stamp from the airport authorities to the College Visa Office. Students failing to do so will be liable to pay a charge for airport authority clearance.
  • If printout shows that student has exited, the visa immigration systems record is closed. If printout shows that the student is in- country, student will be registered as absconder and the fee taken from visa deposit payment.
  • The Visa Deposit will be refunded once the original visa cancellation paper is returned to the College.
  • A student’s visa will be cancelled in the following circumstances:
    • Where the student does not complete enrolment with the College.
    • Where the student wishes to terminate, suspend, withdraw, or defer his/her studies prior to the expiry of the visa. The visa will be cancelled immediately, and the student will be responsible for making arrangements to leave the country or seeking other sponsorship.
    • Where the student has completed all studies and final examinations. The visa will be cancelled immediately, and the student will be responsible for making arrangements to leave the country or seeking other sponsorship.
    • When a student has been convicted of a criminal offence.
      • Ministry Of Education in home country
      • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE

        hen a student does not comply with the rules and regulation

        Documents required

        Please provide the following documents with your New Visa Application.

        1. Complete Visa Application form (First Page)
        2. Passport Copy of the Applicant (Passport must be valid at least for Six Months)
        3. Recent Passport Size, Colour Photograph with white background
        4. Copy of the Attested Qualification Certificate (Translated in Arabic Language by legal translator)
        5. Official letter from the College describing Course Fee, Program / educational course title and course duration
        6. Proof of registration fee for the course student has enrolled
        7. Refundable Deposit Payment

        Student visa for 1 year is inclusive of the following:

        • Visa processing fees (Entry Permit and Stamping)
        • Change status (only applicable for ‘Inside UAE’ applicants)
        • Medical Examination
        • Administration Charge
        • Health Insurance (12 months)
        • Emirates ID

        Innovative Education LLC (IE) will sponsor a student’s study or trainee visa, so long as the student has confirmed their place at the Pacific Link College – RAK Campus and requested the relevant visa.

        IE will process the application, and the visa will be issued by the RAKEZ.

        International applicants must verify their documents from the following bodies:

      **You can apply for a visit visa if you would like to attend the graduation ceremony.

      **All service fees mentioned above, are exclusive of 5% of Value Added Tax (‘VAT’).

      **Visa fees and legalisation fees are subject to the discretion of the UAE government.

      *The total fee for the student residing inside UAE may vary, Kindly contact admission office for clarification.

      By submitting this form, you acknowledge that all information provided is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. You understand that any false or misleading information may result in the rejection of your application or dismissal from the college. Furthermore, you agree to abide by all college policies, regulations, and codes of conduct. Your submission of this form constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.