Program Overview

The Business Leadership program empowers learners to acquire skills and knowledge in key business functions, including management, marketing, and finance. The program enhances proficiency in economics, communication, problem-solving, and information and communication technology. It is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of business organizations and their operating environments, emphasizing managerial skills for career progression. The program offers diverse options, allowing candidates to specialize in roles such as human resource management, marketing, and financial services.

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Qualifications earned in the program meet the requirements for the Scottish Qualification Authority’s (SQA) Advanced Diploma in Business.

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Business Leadership

Discover the prerequisites for success with our comprehensive requirement details.

About Program

Elevate your aspirations with our Business Leadership program at PLC RAK Campus. Immerse yourself in a dynamic program that blends international flavors with business acumen.

Requirements Details

Explore essential details for success, from academic requirements to admission criteria. Your pathway to a rewarding educational experience begins here.

    • High school graduate or mature student status (19 years or older at start of program).
    • Language Requirement ( English 12 (pass) / IELTS 6.0 (5.5 Academic) / College entrance test (63 % minimum) / Equivalent.
    For more information on language requirements where internationally-recognized tests and other equivalencies are accepted, please consult with our admissions staff.

Career Opportunities

This program builds on the knowledge, skills, and previous experience and opens up careers in several areas, including the following National Occupational Classification (NOC) categories:

* Dependent upon experience and individual abilities, many employers will hire graduates not only in the supervisory positions, but other jobs within the various sections of the tourism, hospitality, and management fields. Our Achivers

Faculty Memebers

Prevents our being able do what we like best every pleasure.

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Ian Hutson

Ph.D. , College of Chicago

Chair, Department of Art and Design

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Lillian Stella

Ph.D. , Free College Berlin

Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Design

Program Details - Timeframe

Syllabus Hours
College Success Strategies and Orientation 20 Hours
Effective Presentation 40 Hours
Creating a Culture of Customer Care 40 Hours
OB I: Individual Processes 40 Hours
OB II: Team and Organisational Process 40 Hours
IT Applications Software 40 Hours
IT in Business: Spreadsheets 40 Hours
Introduction to Marketing 40 Hours
Introduction to Economics: Macroeconomics 40 Hours
Introduction to Financial Accounting 40 Hours
Financial Accounting: Business Decision Making 40 Hours
Business Communication III: Reports 40 Hours
Human Resource Management: Introduction 40 Hours
Business Law: An Introduction 40 Hours
Economics: Micro and Macro Theory 40 Hours
Personal Development Planning 40 Hours
Syllabus Hours
Information and Communication Technology I: System 40 Hours
Information and Communication Technology I: Business 40 Hours
Business: Summative Assessment 40 Hours
Business Culture and Strategy I 40 Hours
Business Culture and Strategy II 40 Hours
Behavioural Skills for Business 40 Hours
Business Contractual Relationships 40 Hours
International Marketing: An Introduction 40 Hours
Business: Project Investigation I 40 Hours
The World Economy 40 Hours
Preparing Financial Forecasts 40 Hours
Statistics for Business 40 Hours
Business: Project Investigation II 40 Hours
Continuous Workforce Development I 40 Hours
Continuous Workforce Development II 40 Hours

Business Leadership

Embark on a global journey with our Business Leadership program, where innovation meets international flavors.

  • Salient Features

    Our courses are provided with a diverse range of teaching methods and activity, via classroom, our learning management system, and applicable activities (i.e. guest speakers, field trips, simulations and real-world applications) with emphasis on scenarios and realistic examples of businesses.

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