PLC RAK campus offers a variety of academic merit-based scholarships. Our scholarship programs are dedicated and committed to students focused on pursuing higher education opportunities, rewarding their previous academic achievements, and recognizing students’ unique contributions to education and the local community.

Scholarships are reviewed on a case-to-case basis.


We understand that where you live while studying is essential to your overall academic journey. PLC RAK campus partners with a modern and comfortable fully furnished accommodation in RAK, offering made-easy residential living and providing students with affordable, and safe options.

The accommodation offers buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at student discount prices. Situated in the heart of RAK and close to all major malls, cafes, and entertainment precincts. The accommodation is equipped with a swimming pool, fitness center, and free basement parking.

The accommodation caters to individuals offering spacious, single, double, or triple occupancy options and for visiting family members all year round (subject to availability).

With 24/7 security and established curfews in place to always ensure student welfare.

Visa Registration Requirements

PLC RAK campus has a dedicated team to assist and support you throughout the registration process.

Below is the list of steps you will need to start your application.

  • Step 1. Passport copy of the applicant (passport must be valid for at least six months)
  • Step 2. Recent passport size, color photographs with white background
  • Step 3. Copy of the attested qualification certificate (must be translated into the Arabic language by legal translators)
  • Step 4. Official letter from the college describing course fee, program / educational course title, and course duration
  • Step 5. Proof of registration fee for the course the student has enrolled

PLC RAK campus has a seamless application and enrolment process and experienced representatives committed to answering your questions and queries.


PLC RAK campus recognizes the importance of reliable and convenient transportation for our students. We offer a designated bus service for students from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and locally here in Ras Al Khaimah, direct to the campus safely and punctually 6 days per week.


Our campus design is structured for the significant success and inspiring learning environment for our students, faculty, and staff. We have key elements that contribute to a well-designed campus with easy navigation and fully accessible paths to all student classrooms and labs, library, cafeteria, recreation room, and auditorium while having spacious outdoor and private quarters for multifunctional areas.

PLC RAK believes that positive campus life is an integral and exciting part of the overall experience. We prioritize student safety, which is vital to every student, and peace of mind to families, creating an all-encompassing student living and learning environment.

Extracurricular Activities

PLC RAK campus team understands the importance of extracurricular activities promoting students’ interests and healthy mindsets, discovering new abilities, and gaining independence, shaping them into further success. We strongly focus on team building and empowerment, recognizing each student’s needs.

Our Student Services team has secured some discounts from various providers across Ras Al Khaimah for PLC RAK campus students.

Student Support and Wellbeing

Our Student Services team offers professional and confidential health and well-being support, including emotional assistance and inner well-being guidance, combined with learning support and academic development through customized programs and implemented guidelines.

PLC RAK campus encourages our students to complete their chosen course of study, assisting with career progression through developing work-ready skills, and expanding their social networking and professional profiles, as part of the overall student journey.

Our dedication at PLC RAK is to prepare graduates for an ever-changing world where responsible leadership and sustainable business practices are critical. Shaping confidence and resilience is an essential part of this process for career development and job placement helping our students navigate and transition into professional careers.

Placement Services and Internships

PLC RAK placement services are one of the most important resources for our students to guide their career paths. PLC RAK is dedicated to helping students secure employment opportunities in their relevant fields. Our services ensure to connect students with prospective employers, providing a platform for students to showcase their potential, skills, and expertise through our direct contacts across multiple organizations across the UAE.

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Fresh Students

You will gain expertise in areas including financial and management accounting, corporate finance, international accounting and finance issues, data analysis and business technology. You will have the opportunity to use software relevant to the modern business environment, equipping you with the skills and experience sought by employers.

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    This course offers an accounting and finance curriculum that is up to date, vocationally relevant, challenging and reflects the complex and challenging nature of the accounting and business environment. You will gain expertise in areas including financial and management accounting, corporate finance, international accounting and finance issues, data analysis and business technology. You will have the opportunity to use software relevant to the modern business environment, equipping you with the skills and experience sought by employers. You will develop scholarly attributes, becoming an independent learner with the ability to critically evaluate data and evidence, draw reasoned conclusions and communicate effectively in a professional manner. With our practice-based approach to teaching, you will learn from professionally qualified academics with a wealth of industry experience, and research active academics whose research underpins and informs our approach to teaching. You will be actively supported and encouraged to undertake an additional professional placement year, providing the opportunity to improve your employability skills. Our students have worked for industry leading accountancy practices including PwC and EY, as well as for organisations such as the NHS, IBM and Vodafone. The international focus of the course is derived through a variety of means including the study of international accounting standards, student body, the teaching team and the use of international teaching materials. Moreover, students can choose to spend a full semester studying their modules overseas at a partner institution.

Our Management Team

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Lillian Stella *Vice Chancellor

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